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As you are considering the purchase of equipment to open a water store, there are some very important things that we would encourage you to consider before you make a purchase that may not meet your needs. The following is comprised of some very basic questions that will determine how successful your business can be. Carefully consider these things as it is our desire at Global Water that you be successful in your business. These questions will help you look at your store through the eyes of customers and will enable you to better appeal to them.

When going to purchase water from a water store, what type of location would you prefer to go?

When choosing a water store to buy water from, would you go to one that looked professional or one that looked homemade?

If there were two stores near you and only one had a bottle rinse to purify your bottles, which one would you go to?

When looking at the filter system where you buy water, would you feel more comfortable with equipment that was clean, professional and made a good presentation or would you be Okay with equipment that had wires hanging, was dirty and looked homemade?

As a business owner, there are some questions that you need to consider before you spend a lot of money on your equipment. Please consider the following questions before you purchase thousands of dollars worth of equipment:

Would you be happy with equipment that was constantly breaking down, required a lot of maintenance and you were not able to get technical support from the manufacturer when you needed it?

Would you want to make one purchase that would meet all of your needs both now and in the future, or would you prefer to have to make upgrades constantly to keep up with the demands?

Is the appearance of your business important to you and do you think it matters to your customers?



Oct 28, 2013

Global Water in the Edmonton Journal

Our system can provide pure water for a camp of 50 people, and this can be expanded to suit any larger size…

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Global Water Group Inc. is an established company that has achieved an impressive track record in providing water stores and water treatment equipment to residential and commercial customers throughout Western Canada and Ontario.

Working from its corporate headquarters in Edmonton, Global Water's principals have more than 60 years of combined experience in the water treatment industry.

  • Leaders in the water treatment industry with a highly respected name
  • Alberta based Canadian company
  • Over 60 years of application experience with multi-level purification
  • ISNetworld Contractor
  • Handles state- of- the- art water treatment equipment
  • Installations and service provided by fully trained certified personnel

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